Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seems like forever!

It really does seem like forever since I've blogged! Life gets in the way sometimes and it's been so hectic here. We are all taking turns with a bad cold at our house and I few awful right now, but hopefully it will clear up in a couple of days. We are getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas! Woo hoo! Can't wait. I'm sure I'm going to come back much richer. Ok - it's alright to dream, right?! ;-) One of the poodles had to go to the vet yesterday with a sore on her leg. Seems she caused it herself by licking her leg; a habit she has developed.

This card is one I did a long time ago but thought I'd add a little eye candy. If I don't post something, you all won't come visit my blog anymore and I'd hate that. I expect a daily entry on alot of the blogs I visit. I know...I don't ask for much.

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